ATE17 - Australian Tourism Exchange
(14 May 17 - 18 May 17)


Primary delegate

  • Primary point of contact for all ATE communications
  • Responsible for the ATE application, appointment schedule and ensuring that all deadlines are met
  • Must attend the entire ATE program
  • A primary delegate is included in all participation packages
  • Unless otherwise advised, the primary delegate will have their name included in the Directory of Australian Sellers

Additional delegate

  • Registered delegate (other than the primary delegate) that is eligible to attend the entire ATE program
  • Additional delegates are not listed in the Directory of Australian Sellers
  • An additional delegate is not included in participation packages
  • There are no other differences in the entitlements of a primary and additional delegate

Additional delegates of State and Territory Tourism Organisations (STO's), Regional Tourism Associations (RTAs), Associations and Product Representative Companies (PRCs) can be employed by these organisations or be owners or employees of those companies being represented by these organisations. It is important to note these delegates will have the application name of the STO/RTA/Association/PRC (as appropriate) represented on their name badge, and not their individual company name.

Day pass delegate

  • A day pass enables a registered delegate to attend one day of the event. Multiple day passes may be purchased
  • Day passes provide access to the trade show only. Any day pass delegate wanting to attend the Welcome Function on Monday 15 May, will need to purchase a function pass to gain entry to this event
  • Full details of the company representative requesting a day pass and the specific day(s) on which they will be attending must be included in the application
  • A day pass is transferable to another day, subject to availability and solely at Tourism Australia's discretion
  • Day passes are not refundable if they are not utilised

Function pass delegate

  • Registered delegate of an accepted company that is eligible to attend the Welcome Function on Monday 15 May
  • Function passes may be purchased subject to availability

All delegates, including additional, day pass and function pass delegates must be directly employed or contracted by the company accepted to exhibit at the event (except STO, RTA, PRC and Association delegates). It is important to note that delegate passes cannot be transferred to another company representative once the event has commenced. Penalties apply for non-registered delegates accessing the event, badge-swapping and companies that have delegates on their booth that are not direct employees or contractors of the registered company. 

Delegate inclusions and exclusions


Primary delegate

Additional delegate

Day pass delegate

Access to ATE for the entire event

Access to the Directory of Buyers

One event bag (collected at time of registration)

All meals as specified in the program on day(s) of attendance

Access to the trade show floor on the day(s) that they are registered to attend

Attendance at official functions as specified in the program on the nominated day(s) of attendance only

Exhibitor extras (e.g. special furniture, power points or additional lighting)



Transfers (except where specified)

Additional delegate deadline
All additional delegates, including day and function passes should be finalised by the additional delegate deadline of Tuesday 7 February 2017. 

Any additional delegate or day pass requests received after Tuesday 7 February will be subject to a late administration fee of $50 (incl. GST) per change, payable by credit card, and are subject to space availability. We are unable to accept additional delegate or day pass requests after Wednesday 3 May.

The following cancellation fees apply for additional delegates:

Cancellation of additional delegates/day/function passes up to and including 7 February 2017 No cancellation fee 
Cancellation of additional delegates/day/function passes from 8 February 2017 and up until 3 May 2017 $50 (incl. GST) cancellation fee i.e. late administration fee
Cancellation of additional delegates/day/function passes from 4 May 2017 onwards 100% cancellation fee (including any applicable late administration fees)

n the event of a primary delegate cancelling, which would in effect mean that a participation package has been cancelled, the cancellation fees outlined in the key dates apply. Name changes of primary delegates are not subject to a cancellation fee.