ATE17 - Australian Tourism Exchange
(14 May 17 - 18 May 17)

Seller selection criteria

There are two categories for which you can participate at ATE17:

1.  Tourism product or service; or
2. State, Territory or Regional tourism association (or other relevant industry member).

To be accepted as a participant at this event, you must demonstrate to Tourism Australia (TA) that you meet the selection criteria and provide the necessary supporting materials by the key dates specified on the website. These criteria, the event policies and the terms and conditions of participation govern your participation in this event.

By submitting an application you have agreed to the terms and conditions of participation, and you release TA, to the extent permitted by law, from liability for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of participating in this event should your application be accepted and confirmed.

Seller selection process
TA reserves the right to select the appropriate products for the relevant market for the event and where required consult with the relevant STO before making its decision. Consideration will be given to the following important factors during the selection/assessment process of products and services:

  • A mix of products and services are presented to ensure Buyer satisfaction;
  • Level of demonstrated experience in handling international tourists and the relevant market; and
  • Consistency with the objectives of this event and the objectives of TA and TA’s obligations.

If the number of companies meeting the selection criteria exceeds supply for the event, TA has the right to apply any or all of the following:

  • Category and geographic limits in order to maintain a balanced representation of product; and/or
  • 'First in best dressed' limit based on the date an application is submitted prior to the deadline; and/or
  • Consultation with the relevant STO to determine those who will be accepted.

TA reserves the right to not consider any applications or part thereof submitted after the application deadline for the event.

Selection Criteria
All products and services, Regional Tourism Organisations and Industry Associations applying to exhibit at a TA trade event, must demonstrate in their application that they comply with each of the following selection criteria.  TA reserves the right to waive any of these criteria at its discretion and/or amend or reject any product or service, which is inconsistent with the criteria.

The mandatory requirements for seller companies are as follows:

1. Must be an Australian registered company paying applicable taxes in Australia;
2. Must have public liability insurance to a minimum of $10,000,000.
  Evidence of the following information must be provided within the company’s application:
  • Name of policy provider
  • Policy number
  • Policy expiry date
  • Policy territorial limits
  Participants are reminded that it is their responsibility to arrange insurance including public & product liability, workers compensation and property insurance;
3. The ability of your product to be booked and commission paid at the appropriate industry levels, relevant to the distribution system employed;
4. Tourism as the main focus of your business;
5. Confirmation from the relevant State or Territory Tourism Organisation (STO) as to whether your product or service is appropriate for the event.
  Where your product or service is a "national" product or service, confirmation will be sought from the STO with which you deal the most (in the case of international marketing) or TA;
6. Endorsement of your product or service as internationally active in the relevant market by an STO or TA which may include evidence of:
  • Attendance at more than one international trade event in the past year;
  • Involvement in an international marketing campaign with your STO or TA;
  • Involvement with TA’s International Media Hosting Program (IMHP);
  • Evidence of international marketing either via individual initiatives or via offshore wholesalers;
  • Availability of relevant wholesale and retail rates for your product or service available by the start of the trade event;
7. Approved creditor status with Tourism Australia including, without limitation, no bad debts;
8. Own website and/or availability of your product or service by an alternative distribution channel.

In addition to the mandatory selection criteria above, it is preferable for products and/or services applying to exhibit at the event to have the following:

  • Current membership of your local or regional tourism association;
  • Endorsement of your product or service by the relevant industry body;

If you are an inbound tour operator, current membership of the Inbound Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) is preferable.

Cancellation of participation
TA reserves the right to:

  • Cancel the participation of an organisation that has an outstanding account with TA and/or the payment of which has not been cleared 10 working days prior to the commencement of the event.  You acknowledge that if this should occur, you have no right of action, claim, proceeding or demand against TA for such cancellation;
  • Cancel the participation of such an organisation despite the fact that TA has accepted deposit funds from that organisation; and
  • Apply cancellation fees as per the dates published on the website, which are enforceable at the time a seller accepts TA’s offer to participate in ATE17.