Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) 2011 - Eastern Module
(02 Apr 11 - 04 Apr 11)

Appointment schedule options

The following schedules are available at ATE 2011:


Eastern Module Western Module
Standard appointment schedule 68 pre-scheduled
10 free appointments
84 pre-scheduled
15 free appointments
Half appointment schedule 34 pre-scheduled
10 free appointments
42 pre-scheduled
15 free appointments
One third appointment schedule Not applicable 28 pre-scheduled
15 free appointments

Please note that the maximum number of appointments is not guaranteed. The final amount of appointments you will receive is based on buyer demand for your product as well as how many preferences you make.

Standard appointment schedule

  • is able to achieve a maximum of 100% of the possible number of pre-scheduled appointments
  • is available to all sellers to request

Half appointment schedule

  • is able to achieve a maximum of 50% of the possible number of pre-scheduled appointments
  • is available to all sellers to request

One third appointment schedule (western module only)

  • is able to achieve a maximum of 33% of the possible number of pre-scheduled appointments
  • is available to all sellers to request

No appointment schedule
An appointment schedule does not have to be selected as part of your participation. You may find it more beneficial to source your own appointments with buyers prior to and at the event. Companies selecting a no appointment schedule:

  • have access to buyer lists, excluding contact details, prior to ATE via the website; and
  • are able to participate in the Online Messaging feature.   

The 'no appointment schedule' option is available to all sellers. However, Tourism Australia reserves the right to restrict the number of companies opting not to take an appointment schedule to less than 5% of the total number of companies accepted to attend the event.

Allocation of appointment schedules
At the time of acceptance, all Eastern sellers will automatically be offered a half appointment schedule and all Western sellers a one third appointment schedule (exception is for sellers requesting a no appointment schedule). Sellers requesting a greater appointment schedule will be assessed based on the buyer demand during preferencing.

The allocation of a reduced schedule does not limit an organisation's potential to seek additional appointments with buyers prior to or during the event. The difference is that the organisation will be investing in a more realistic appointment schedule suited for this event.

Appointment schedule types will be allocated on Tuesday 8 February 2011.

Please refer to the appointment schedule allocation section of the ATE Event Policies for detailed information on the allocation process.

Inbound Tour Operator (ITO) and/or National Tour Operator (NTO) appointment schedule (to meet with Australian sellers)
An  ITO or NTO company accepted to attend ATE as a seller exhibitor can apply to have an additional delegate from their company attend ATE as a buyer with an appointment schedule to allow them to meet with Australian sellers.

There is no limit as to the number of ITO or NTO buyer delegates that can attend per exhibiting ITO or NTO company.  

An  ITO or NTO delegate participating as a buyer will receive all inclusions specified in the buyer delegate participation fee except international and domestic airfares. For further information on the ITO/NTO policy please refer to the
ATE Event Policies.

It is the responsibility of the ITO or NTO to submit their buyer application/s.  Buyer application
s open Tuesday 12 October 2010.