Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) 2011 - Eastern Module
(02 Apr 11 - 04 Apr 11)

Welcome to Australia


“Australian Tourism Exchange 2010 (ATE) was the launching pad for the There’s Nothing Like Australia campaign. What better place for Tourism Australia’s exciting new campaign to be presented to the world than at ATE in front of two thousand tourism industry delegates from over 40 countries? The Nothing Like Australia campaign continues to stimulate growth for Australian holiday.

Recent figures confirm that that international visitor numbers to Australia grew by six per cent over the past 12 months to 5.8 million visitors. Tourism Australia will build on this recovery in international arrivals with strong campaigns from September to November this year and from January to March in 2011 in many of Australia’s key markets.

The ATE is a significant event on the Australian tourism calendar, bringing together the sellers of Australian tourism product and buyers from around the world. It is an important opportunity to showcase the quality and diversity of tourism products and experiences that only Australia can offer, and an invaluable opportunity for Australia’s tourism industry to do business with the world.

Your support and involvement in ATE is important. I encourage your participation in ATE 2011, and look forward to seeing you in Sydney.”

About Tourism Australia
Tourism Australia's role is to stimulate sustainable international and domestic demand for Australian tourism experiences by influencing the actions of others through our interaction in the tourism and travel marketing matrix, by:

  • Championing a clear destination marketing strategy;
  • Articulating and promoting a compelling tourism destination brand;
  • Facilitating sales by engaging and supporting the distribution network;
  • Identifying and supporting the development of unique Australian tourism experiences;
  • Gathering and communicating reliable market intelligence and insights for improved decision making; and
  • Working with partners who can extend Tourism Australia's influence.

To learn more about Tourism Australia visit:

Corporate site:
Consumer site:

Australian Experiences
Australian experiences bring Australian product to life in a way that is appealing to consumers. To assist in moving consumers from preference to intention, Tourism Australia and its industry partners have put emphasis on promoting the world's best-loved Australian Experiences.

7 Key Australian Experiences:


Aboriginal Australia
Nature in Australia
Outback Australia


Aussie Coastal Lifestyle
Food and Wine
Australian Major Cities
Australian Journeys

For further information on Australian Experiences, click here.


Journeys theme
Australian Journeys is the theme for ATE 2011. Travelling in Australia is not about getting from here to there, but discovering the diversity, the wonder, isolation and vibrant towns, the people and their unique way of life, on the journey in between. You can take weeks weaving through rolling countryside, red desert, sparkling waterholes and spiritual heritage, or a few days exploring wine regions, wilderness coast, island clusters and reefs…the choices are endless. Find out more about Australian Journeys through Tourism Australia's Australian journeys fast fact sheet.


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