Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) 2012 - Eastern Module
(15 Jun 12 - 17 Jun 12)


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Thes FAQs will be updated regularly as the Trade Events ATE Seller team receive enquiries.

Attending ATE

How does Tourism Australia decide who attends ATE?
ATE 2012 Seller applications are open to all Australian tourism products and services that are already active in the international marketplace. Tourism Australia, in conjunction with the State and Territory Tourist Offices (STOs), assess all applications to ensure there is a balance of Australian Sellers and Buyers at the event, as well as a suitable mix of products and services represented. Each company must meet the Seller Selection Criteria.

How should new product decide if they should apply to attend ATE?
The best way for you to decide whether ATE is a good investment for your organisation, is to discuss this with your STO representative, who has an understanding of your product and will be able to advise you on different international marketing activities including trade shows such as ATE. A new product that is not established in the international marketplace will not meet the criteria for ATE.

ATE attendees

Who do I meet at ATE?
ATE provides an ideal opportunity for Australia's tourism businesses to meet with influential international and domestic tourism Buyers who are crucial to the future success of Australia's inbound tourism.  

You have the option of purchasing an appointment schedule at ATE, which will give you prescheduled appointments (matched to your preferences) with Buyers. The type of schedule you are allocated will be determined after preferencing closes and is based on Buyer demand for your product/s.

All sellers (including those who haven't opted for an appointment schedule), will have the opportunity to meet with all buyers attending the relevant module by contacting them prior to the event to set up an appointment time, or at the various functions as part of the ATE official program along with other sellers, STOs and Tourism Australia staff.

How can I obtain a list of attendees?
At the preferencing stage, a list of Buyers will be available to view and download in your original online application. All primary delegates will be provided with a copy of the Directory of Buyers upon registration (please refer to Delegate options for details of inclusions).

Applying for ATE

How do I apply for ATE?
View the 'how to' guide for information on how to apply for trade events.

When will I know if my application has been successful?
Tourism Australia, in conjunction with the STOs, assess all ATE seller applications against the Seller Selection Criteria. Tourism Australia will advise you (by email notification) of whether your application has been accepted, declined or waitlisted on Tuesday 31 January 2012. Your application may be waitlisted for a number of reasons including missing public liability information, oustanding debt with Tourism Australia or oversubscription.  

Participation fees

Does the participation fee include accommodation and flights?
Hotel accommodation and flights are not included in the participation fees for Seller delegates attending ATE. The ATE sponsor hotels are offering special industry rates to Sellers attending ATE 2012 but be quick, as there are only a limited number available!

ATE delegate passes

What is the difference between delegate passes?

Primary delegate - the primary point of contact for all communications, must attend the entire event or module program, and on an appointment schedule (if applicable)

Additional delegate eligible to attend the entire program but is not a primary contact and is not on an appointment schedule (if applicable)

Day pass delegate a delegate that can attend the trade show for the day or days they are registered. Note that the Sunday day pass does not include entry to the Eastern Farewell/Western Welcome Function on Sunday 17 June 2012

Function pass delegate - a delegate that can attend the Eastern Farewell/Western Welcome Function on Sunday 17 June 2012.

ATE exhibitor space information

What do each of the exhibitor space options look like and what is included with each option?
There are two exhibitor space options available for ATE 2012:

  • Sole booth (including corner booth)
  • Share booth (including corner booth)

View a diagram and the layout of each exhibitor space option. Furniture (table and chairs), lighting, carpeting, a waste paper bin and an individual fascia with company name and booth number are included with each option. Please note that electricity is not included with the booth and must be ordered and paid for directly with the Exhibition Manager, Expertise Events, prior to the event. Exhibitor Forms will be available when acceptances open on Tuesday 31 January 2102.

If I request a corner space, will I automatically be allocated one?
Whilst all requests for corners will be considered, there are only a limited number of corner exhibitor space options available. Allocation of corners will be dependent upon product type (ie competing products cannot be located next to or opposite each other). For share booths, share partners who have both requested a corner booth will be given first preference.

I have requested a share booth, but I don't have a company to share with. How will you allocate me a share partner?
Booth and share partner allocation is conducted by Tourism Australia in conjunction with each STO. All efforts will be made to assign a non-competitive share partner, that ideally complements your product type, area of operation and marketing activities.

I have applied to exhibit at both the Eastern and Western modules. Will I need to dismantle and move my display to another booth at the conclusion of Eastern module?
Every effort will be made to avoid Exhibitors having to move their display to another booth between the Eastern and Western modules. However, the Eastern module is traditionally smaller than the Western module and for this reason there will be some changes to the layout of the trade show floor between modules. Exhibitors affected by these changes will be advised prior to the commencement of ATE 2012 to allow them plenty of time to plan the booth relocation.

I want to design and build my own booth and hang a banner above the booth. Is this allowed and who do I have to advise?
Custom designed booths will only be available to Sellers exhibiting at both the Eastern and Western Modules, due to the short changeover time between the two modules. This applies to banner hanging as well, as there will not be room for cherry pickers to move on to the floor to hang or dismantle banners and rigging, once the booths are built. If you are attending both modules and have a custom booth, you will need to inform the Exhibition Manager, Expertise Eventsif you do not require the standard booth structure and furniture that is provided. Banner hanging will also need to be approved by the Exhibition Manager and Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Further Exhibiting information, including banner hanging and booth variation forms will be available to view when acceptances open on Tuesday 31 January 2012. 

I am only attending the Western Module. When can I access the Perth Convention and Exhbition Centre to set-up my booth display and how much time will I have to do this?
Western only booth set up and decoration is on Monday 18 June 2012 between 0800 - 1030.


ATE Appointment schedules

I have been allocated an appointment schedule listed as "ATE 12- Eastern - Appointment Schedule (Schedule type allocated 5 April 2012)".  What does this mean?
To provide Sellers with the most appropriate appointment schedule for ATE and give the Seller the best value for their money, allocation of schedule types will be finalised following the conclusion of Buyer preferencing based on the meeting requests for the current year. This is also applicable for first time sellers.

At the time of acceptance, all Eastern Sellers will be offered a half appointment schedule and all Western sellers a one third appointment schedule (exception is for sellers requesting a no appointment schedule). Sellers requesting a greater appointment schedule will be assessed based on the buyer demand during preferencing and where applicable will be allocated an appropriate appointment schedule on Thursday 5 April 2012.

Invoicing for appointment schedules will take place during the second round and will reflect the final allocated appointment schedule.

How does the preferencing schedule work?
The preferencing process for ATE 2012 will require Sellers to login to their online application on the Trade Events website. The details of all Buyers attending your respective Module will be available to view in your application. You need to select your top 100 organisations for the Eastern Module and 100 organisations for the Western Module (where applicable), that you would most like to have an appointment with. After all Sellers and Buyers have logged their preferences, the data is processed through our appointment matching system to produce your final appointment schedule.

This complex system matches Seller and Buyer preferences based on mutual requests; the order in which the preferences are ranked (high, medium, low) and the availability of an appointment time for both parties, to produce the best possible appointment schedule for each organisation. However, as there are only a limited number of appointment times, it is not possible for the system to include an appointment in your schedule for every organisation that you request and every organisation that requests to meet with you.  

Online messaging opens on Tuesday 15 May 2012 for the Eastern Module. This is your opportunity to fill those 'gaps' in your appointment schedule and email the Buyers you wish to meet with to organise further appointments.

I've attended ATE before and have requested a standard appointment schedule but have been allocated a half schedule. Why?
All seller companies that apply to attend ATE are ranked from highest to lowest according to the number of meeting requests received from Buyers who are attending ATE 2012. Tourism Australia looks at this rank as well as the seller to buyer ratio and then allocates appointment schedules. Therefore, Sellers with a high Buyer preference are more likely to be allocated a standard appointment schedule.


Who do you distribute my information to?
To enable the event to function in the best interests of both buyers and sellers and to maximise business opportunities, you agree that the information you provide to us in your event application may be distributed to other event participants. In addition the information will be shared with other organisations with a similar purpose to our own, such as state tourist authorities and event contractors for the purpose of event management. To view the terms and conditions, click here.


What should I wear? Do I have to wear a business suit?
It is important that you represent your organisation in a professional manner when participating at ATE and the official functions. Business attire or a company uniform would be an appropriate style of dress for the event.

What is a Buyer?

Buyer is the term given to retail and wholesale travel companies in overseas markets that are invited by Tourism Australia to attend ATE. For a company to be eligible to attend ATE to conduct business with the Australian tourism industry, they must meet the Buyer Selection Criteria. 

Australian buyer delegate
An Australian buyer delegate is an Australian based representative of an international buyer company, international online buyer company or an Australian online buyer company who has been invited to attend ATE.  An Australian buyer delegate must be directly employed by the company and must have received an invitation from Tourism Australia inviting them to attend ATE as a buyer.

What is an Aussie Specialist?

Tourism Australia maintains active relationships with a network of retail travel agents across the globe through the Aussie Specialist Program. Aussie Specialists are a dedicated and specialised group of retail travel agents actively selling and promoting Australia around the world. These ‘Aussie Experts’ have been educated and trained in the Aussie Specialist Program run by Tourism Australia and the State and Territory Tourism Organisations.

The program was developed to provide a network of retail agents to whom Tourism Australia could direct consumers interested in travelling to Australia, along with providing a vehicle for Australian product to access the retail network. By becoming an Aussie Specialist, retail agents have access to training, resources and knowledge that they need to sell Australia with confidence as well as providing access to consumer leads generated by Tourism Australia marketing activities.

Aussie Specialists are hungry for knowledge on Australian travel products and services and want ideas and suggestions that can help them design better experiences, boost itineraries and better serve the needs of their clients. The Aussie Specialist program is available in UK/Europe, North America and Asia. The program is delivered online through, providing significant opportunities to increase the agent’s knowledge and confidence in selling Australia in a cost effective and time efficient manner. Agents are able to source brochures and information on Australia including entry requirements, weather, maps and other useful facts. Agents can also subscribe to the monthly Travelagent. Australia e-Bulletin, featuring special information about Australia, including upcoming events and new products.

Visit the Tourism Australia website for more information on the Aussie Specialist Programs.

How do I access past applications for my company?

  • Access
  • Enter your login and password. If you do not have a login and password you will need to request a login using this site.
  • Click on “My Applications”
  • Click on the “Event Status” drop down box and change the status to “Completed”. Click “Search”.
  • You will now see all your company applications from previous Tourism Australia events. To view an application, click “review”.


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