Walkabout Japan 2017
(22 Feb 17 - 24 Feb 17)

Walkabout Japan 2017

Walkabout Japan 2017 will be held from Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 February 2017 in Odawara, Japan, just 40 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen. Walkabout Japan is the premier trade event presenting a prime opportunity for Australian tourism products and services to engage with key Japanese travel agencies.

Who will attend?

  • Minimum 36 key Japanese buyers from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Buyers will comprise a mix of wholesale planners, group sales, media sales, FIT sections in major agencies, local travel agencies and land operators.
  • Minimum 36 Australian Seller organisations will be selected to represent a balanced and wide cross-section of Australian organisations with products or services potentially attractive to the Japanese market.
  • State, Territory and Regional Tourism organisations.

Market overview
In 2015, Japan was Australia’s sixth largest inbound market for arrivals, seventh largest market for total visitor spend and ninth for visitor nights. There were 337,200 visitors from Japan for calendar year 2015. And there was average 30% increase in arrivals from January 2016 to April 2016. Visitors from Japan generated $1.3 billion in total expenditure in 2015. The Tourism 2020 strategy estimates that the Japan market has the potential to grow to between $2.7 billion and $3.3 billion in total expenditure by 2020.

A detailed country and market overview is available on Tourism Australia’s corporate website.